Q:Why can’t I open the files which download from Kirby Assistant even if I unzip them?

A:You should open them with corresponding Emulators,you can download them in Kirby Assistant. WARN:Must use corresponding Emulators to run games. eg:Kirby and the Amazing Mirror is a GBA game,and you need run it with GBA Emulator(such as My Boy!).

Q:I want to play Kirby:Star Allies(or Treple Deluxe/Robobot Planet),What the time can you update them?

A:Result of corresponding Emulators are defective,or it doesn’t have mobile phone edition,so it may impossible to play them on mobile phone.But if I find something to solve these problem,I will add them on time.Hope your support~

Q:Where the games I download?

A:Because of different phone model or browser,it may has some differences.I suggest you ought to use search features to find games you downloaded,and know these file directories.In general,it will be saved in corresponding browser Download folder.

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